Try our 14 day Trial Self-guided personal growth work, yoga classes, meditations and more, online and all in one place for €30/month A digital holistic wellbeing & yoga club for women.
Your reality is a mirror of your inner world.

A digital yoga & holistic wellbeing club for women.

A collective of female coaches, teachers and healers, we guide you through a regular, step-by-step practice of self-discovery, yoga practice, spiritual development and deep connection.

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Personal growth work, yoga classes, meditations and group healing sessions for €30/month

14 days Trial Membership
 Zoom Classes

Zoom Classes

For RWC members, class passes available for non-members, choose from four live yoga sessions per week.

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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Go deeper on your inner work, book sessions with RWC coaches, healers and wellbeing practitioners.

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Guided Audio

Guided Audio

Unlimited access to all our meditation, yoga nidra and hypnotherapy tracks - targeting specific issues.

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Our Coaches, Teachers & Healers

With our ever-growing collective of coaches, teachers and healers, learn with different people with different approaches, styles and perspectives.


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We guide you to do the inner work, so the outer can shine

Our Modules are organized by the chakras and cover a wide range of topics in relation to each chakra.

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