Radiant Wellness Club membership

Do the inner work, so the outer can shine.

What’s included in the membership?

The three gates

We offer pre-recorded Hatha, Qigong inspired, vinyasa, radiant fitness, kundalini and yin yoga classes by a diverse group of teachers from around the world. 

Step-by-Step modules with audio tracks, videos & downloadable booklets.

Guided journaling, hypnosis, specific yoga techniques, guided meditations, relaxing yoga nidra tracks,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & coaching.

Each new moon we join together to shed the old & to set an intention for the month. 


Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club

A digital club for Yoga & holistic wellness

€25 / month

(approximately $28 USD)

Limited time only

Unlimited Access to pre-recorded yoga classes, 8 radiance modules, and a monthly new moon group healing session.

Awaken your inner healing, innate wisdom & radiant feminine power with potent practices & transformative holistic wellbeing techniques.

Are you disconnected from your

Radiant power?

You are tired of feeling tired  ◊  You want to create deeper meaning in your life  ◊  Your struggle in relationships  ◊  You are craving community with other like minded women on a meaningful path  ◊  You do not feel as healthy as you know you could   ◊  You want to learn preventative dis-ease practices & techniques  ◊  You self-sabotage but can’t seem to break the pattern  ◊  You feel disconnected from your femininity  ◊  You struggle to accept aspects of yourself  ◊  You feel stuck   ◊  You lack purpose  ◊  You want to break old frustrating patterns  ◊  You want to learn how to channel your emotions  ◊  You want to have a connection with your higher self.

The three gates

  • Classes for the body, mind, emotions, energy & spirit
  • Make a deep connection with all of who you are through a wide range of classes
  • Diversify your yoga practices with Hatha, Qigong inspired, Vinyasa, Yin & Kundalini classes
  • Connect with yoga teachers & locations from around the world
  • Easily find a class time that suits your schedule- only have 10 minutes? We've got you covered
  • Awaken your radiance
  • Learn to embrace your flaws
  • Explore your shadows with writing & hypnosis
  • Explore your daily habits & become disciplined
  • Attract opportunity by surrender versus force
  • Create a personal mantra that aligns you with your soul
  • Strengthen your sense of self & confidence
  • Revive inner & outer beauty
  • Release the fear of others opinions of you
  • Increase your energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Become sovereign & comfortable with your own company
  • Understand the mind-body connection
  • Be your own healer
  • Uncover your innate healing capacity
  • Join a wise woman's healing community
  • Create ritual and intention in your life
  • Use the potency of the new moon to shed the old & renew and refresh yourself each month
  • Practice preventative medicine to keep your mind-body-emotional-energetic health vibrant
  • Learn healing modalities that you can use on your own throughout the month
  • Ask questions & join a women's group to share & process your experiences
  • A monthly body, mind, emotional, energetic and spiritual tune-up

Reconnect to your radiant power

All for the price of one yoga class