Radiant Wellness Club membership

Do the inner work, so the outer can shine.

What’s included in the membership?

Offerings for

Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy & Spirit

Our classes are pre-recorded from teachers in several countries.

Hatha, Qigong inspired, vinyasa, radiant fitness, ballet barre, kundalini and yin yoga.

Step-by-Step modules with audio tracks, videos & downloadable booklets.

Guided journaling, hypnosis, specific yoga techniques, guided meditations, relaxing yoga nidra tracks,  emotional freedom technique (EFT) & coaching.

Each new moon we join together to shed the old & to set an intention for the month- via zoom.

Group breathwork, group hypnosis, group coaching and journaling, sacred ceremonies and group intention setting. 

Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club

A digital club for Yoga & holistic wellness

Are you ready to connect to your

Radiant power?

€25 / month

(approximately $28 USD)

Limited time only

Unlimited Access to pre-recorded yoga classes, holistic coaching modules, plentiful video content on all things wellness and a monthly new moon group healing session.

Sample our offerings

Our classes are divided into 5 categories. Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and Spirit. We have Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Qigong inspired and Yin classes as well as Yoga Fitness and Ballet Barre. 

Holistic Coaching modules

There are 8 modules all covering different topics. We use a guided step-by-step approach with hypnosis, guided journalling, meditation, specific yoga practices, coaching, EFT and breathwork.

Connect with other like minded women from around the world who are doing their own inner work and are passionate about mind-body-spirit wellness. Use the new moon as a point of ritual for yourself each month to clarify what you are clearing out and calling in.

Delve Deeper

Here we offer additional resources and content to help to awaken your path. There are video interviews with wellbeing practitioners and plentiful offerings for you all via video.

Reconnect to your radiant power

All for the price of one yoga class