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Beyond yoga, deep into self-enquiry and transformation.

Yoga, meditation and personal development work, all in one place.
Join our Membership: personal growth work, live and on-demand yoga classes, guided meditations and group healing sessions for €30/month.

Yoga and the physical asanas, or poses, are an incredible starting point for spiritual work. But where do you go when you’re ready to go deeper?

RWC Membership takes you beyond your weekly yoga class, giving you the tools and practices to regularly balance, revitalize and support your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Working through our personal growth modules, meditations, hypnosis, group healing sessions and yoga classes, you’ll shift what is happening inside of you to create the experience you are ready to have outside of you.

If you’re ready to deepen your relationship with yourself, to feel greater balance and to expand and elevate with guidance, RWC membership is for you.

As within, so without.

What’s included in your membership?

Individual Modules

  • 16 self-guided modules to work through via audio, video and workbooks
  • Created by our RWC coaches, teachers and healers in their specialty areas
  • Work through modules organised by chakra, or choose modules for specific issues, like confidence, intuition and digestion
  • Through deep inner-work, find greater connection and understanding of self, leading to greater fulfilment and meaning

Yoga - Live & On-Demand

  • 37+ pre-recorded yoga classes from our RWC yoga teachers
  • 4 x live yoga classes/month (1 per week choosing from 4 session times/week)
  • Join together in real time with our community for scheduled live yoga classes on Zoom
  • A range of classes and styles from a range of teachers, from more body-oriented to more spiritual

Guided Meditations & Hypnosis

  • Unlimited access to all audio tracks
  • Meditation, yoga nidra and hypnotherapy tracks
  • Recorded by our RWC coaches and healers in their specialty areas
  • Target issues important to you, like sleep, abundance, gratitude, love and health

Monthly women's circle

  • Monthly group healing sessions organized on the new moon 
  • Guided by an experienced guide, teacher or healer 
  • New theme every month
  • Access to all past healing session recordings
  • Set a monthly date to check-in and get deep with yourself and the RWC community

Member Discounts

Yayyy !

  • Discounts on 1:1 Coaching sessions with our RWC coaches, teachers and healers
  • Discounts on additional live yoga classes beyond included 1/week
  • Discounts on upcoming retreats

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