Radiant Wellness Club is an online holistic wellbeing platform supporting women to live in their radiance.

Bringing together a diverse group of female life coaches, yoga teachers, healers and wellbeing practitioners, we offer a range of practices for your whole being: mind, body, spirit, energy and emotions.

Together we offer:

    We guide you through a step-by-step practice of self-discovery, spiritual development and deep connection you can connect with every day from the comfort of your own space.

    Whether you’re going through a particularly difficult period in your life, or you’re searching for something to elevate your every day, our practices help you to find balance and awaken you to your deeper self.

    What is Radiance?

    “Radiance is our sparkle and shine. It is the illumination emitted by our energy frequencies and is powered by prana. Our radiance vibrates through the aura and connects us to the infinite. When our Radiance is healthy, we become magnetic beings who draw opportunities and success with synchronicity rather than with effort.”

    -Karena Virginia

    Welcome to Radiant wellness Club

    Founder: Rachelle Tersigni

    I’m so happy you’re here. I’m excited for you to strengthen your body, awaken your mind, channel your emotions, balance your energy systems and connect to your higher self with Radiant Wellness Club.

    I am Rachelle Tersigni. I’m a Canadian Holistic Well-being Practioner and an Emotional Transformation Coach. I use a wide range of techniques and practices like the Emotion Code and Flower Essence Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Yogic Technology to support humans in their mind-body-spirit wellbeing. I’ve been studying and working in the natural health field since 2003 and teaching yoga since 2008.

    I created Radiant Wellness Club to merge a wide range of contemporary holistic practices with some ancient yogic traditional wisdom and some light fun offerings- all in one place. I wanted to offer women like you the tools and resources they need to learn about themselves and to go beyond simply being aware of what is not feeling good or working in your life, to actually processing and transforming what is not feeling good in your life.

    For many years I struggled with my physical health and couldn’t understand why I always had some kind of body ache or fatigue, digestive and skin. The missing ingredient that wasn’t being addressed was my emotional, energetic and spiritual health.

    Yoga was merely touching the surface of my mind and emotions. While I knew that yoga was a beautiful tool, and an entry point to start recognizing my patterns, it wasn’t helping me to shift them. I found myself integrating other techniques to be able to create the inner transformation I was looking for. Through RWC I hope to be able to share this holistic view of wellbeing with you.

    RWC is here to empower you to be your own healer and to uncover your own innate wisdom and natural feminine power.

    Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club.

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    "Radiance is something you need to tend to, just like flowers in a garden. After you plant the seeds, you will need to nurture them a little bit every day to keep them flourishing. Radiant Wellness Club is here to support you to nourish your radiance from the inside out." -Rachelle Tersigni

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