Our intention is to provide women with the tools, practices and techniques to experience their inborn radiance by optimizing their mind -body- spirit connection. We do this through intentional yoga practices, radiant fitness (because sometimes you just need to get a good sweat on and have fun) and Holistic Coaching Modules- The Radiance Modules that will guide you to bring awareness to your subconscious beliefs and patterns.

When you are radiant inside, your reality becomes radiant.

When you consciously choose to elevate your energy and emotions and bring consciousness to what is unconscious- you have the capacity to decide most days how you will feel. The more often you choose to awaken, elevate and bring consciousness to what is unconscious- the more it simply becomes a part of who you are. Your default mode. So you can stop feeling and acting out of habit, fear, and past protective programming. 

We guide women to become their own wisdom keepers & healers.

Awaken vibrant health, innate wisdom and radiant power, through yoga & transformative holistic coaching modules & a live virtual monthly healing session.

our three gates for inner illumination

Access a wide range of pre-recorded classes from a diverse group of women from all over the world. 

Hatha, Qigong inspired, Vinyasa, Yin, Radiant Fitness, Ballet Barre and Kundalini Yoga. 

8 Modules that guide you through a specific theme to help strengthen your self acceptance, self trust  and personal awakening to your radiant power.

Live Monthly virtual healing sessions by wellbeing practitioners, teachers & healers. 

Each new moon we gather to release the old and set our intentions for the month. The new moon is a time of renewal, we use this time to continuously clear out what is holding us back physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Liberating the old, calling in the new, amongst a wise women’s community.

Energy Healing, Breathwork, Guiding Writing, Chakra Balancing Energy Medicine Sessions, Guided Acupressure sessions, Group Hypnosis Sessions & much more. 

Calls held via Zoom Each New Moon 

8PM CET,    7PM GMT,    2PM EDT,    11AM PST


By healing your inner world through cultivating elevated emotions, by being in a constant state of evolution, by waking up what is dormant or unconscious and by coming back to the energy of your heart.


What would your reality look like when your body is strong & healthy, your mind is luminous, you know how to channel your emotions, your energy systems are balanced & when you are connected with spirit ?

Rachelle Tersigni

Hello & Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club!

I am so happy you are here and excited for you to strengthen your healthy body, awaken your mind, channel your emotions, balance your energy systems & connect to your higher self with Radiant Wellness Club.

I am a Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Healer, Emotion Code and Flower Essence Practitioner a Hypnotherapist and a Yoga Teacher.  I have been studying & working in the Natural Health field since 2003, and teaching yoga since 2008. 

My journey with Hypnotherapy began the more I became fascinated with the connection between the subconscious mind, health and the expression of one’s life. 

After discovering Kundalini Yoga I woke up to experiencing realms unseen, and began my journey with energy healing. 

For many years I struggled with feeling physically healthy and mentally and emotionally uplifted.  I saw every kind of natural health practitioner and doctor for mysterious physical pains, chronic fatigue, digestive issues & skin breakouts despite my healthy lifestyle and deep involvement in yoga.

I eventually discovered that deep and lasting transformation and healing happens when you integrate all 5 Levels of Wellbeing. If you miss out on even one part the body system is not harmonized. 

I created Radiant Wellness Club to merge Holistic Wellness with Yoga so that you can feel empowered to be your own healer, and to uncover your own innate wisdom and natural feminine power.

Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club.

RWC Guides & Teachers