Are you ready to elevate yourself?


Our intention is to provide women with the tools, practices and techniques to experience their inborn radiance by elevating their mind -body- spirit connection. We do this through intentional yoga practices, radiant fitness (because sometimes you just need to get a good sweat on and move) and holistic coaching modules. 

When you are radiant inside, your reality becomes radiant.

When you consciously choose to elevate your mind, body, energy and emotions and spirit the more it becomes your natural default. 

In order to truly and deeply elevate ourselves first we must bring consciousness to what is unconscious. We are often thinking and feeling and acting out of deeply engrained habits, and beliefs that are no longer serving our highest good. Our past protective programming can make us defensive, avoidant, anxious, and prevents us from showing up fully in our radiance. 

We guide women to become their own wisdom keepers & healers and to bring consciousness to your unconscious ways- doing the work of uncovering blocks or patterns, and then tossing into the fire and setting them free. 

Let's show up in our full radiance.

What is Radiance?

“Radiance is our sparkle and shine. It is the illumination emitted by our energy frequencies and is powered by prana. Our radiance vibrates through the aura and connects us to the infinite. When our Radiance is healthy, we become magnetic beings who draw opportunities and success with synchronicity rather than with effort.”

-Karena Virginia


I am so happy you are here and excited for you to strengthen your body, awaken your mind, channel your emotions, balance your energy systems & connect to your higher self with Radiant Wellness Club.

I am a Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Healer, Emotion Code and Flower Essence Practitioner a Hypnotherapist and a Yoga Teacher.  I have been studying & working in the Natural Health field since 2003, and teaching yoga since 2008. 

My journey with Hypnotherapy began the more I became fascinated with the connection between the subconscious mind, health and the expression of one’s life. I am fascinated with how the body manifests symptoms when the mind and heart are not happy.

After discovering Kundalini Yoga I woke up to experiencing realms unseen, and began my journey with energy healing. 

For many years I struggled with my physical health and I couldn’t understand why I always had some body ache or fatigue, digestive issues and skin breakouts. This was while I was already deeply involved in yoga and the natural health field. The missing ingredient that wasn’t really being addressed was my emotional health. Yoga was merely touching the surface of my mind and emotions. I knew that yoga was a beautiful tool, and entry point to start to recognize my patterns but it wasn’t helping me to shift them. I found myself integrating other techniques to be able to create the inner transformation I was looking for.

I created Radiant Wellness Club to merge Holistic Coaching with Yoga so that you have the resources and tools to learn about yourself, and to go beyond being aware of your patterns and start to transmute them. 

RWC is here to empower you to be your own healer, and to uncover your own innate wisdom and natural feminine power.

Welcome to Radiant Wellness Club.


I'm Rachelle Tersigni

Welcome to Radiant wellness Club

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