Why Yoga isn’t Enough

By: Rachelle Tersigni At the beginning of ones yoga journey it can feel like you’ve discovered a panacea that will cure and resolve all your troubles. You devotedly hit the yoga mat and twist and turn your body into shapes you cannot believe you manage to create with your own body. You feel great. Your

Flower power

When you look around yourself as you go on a daily stroll, the little pops of colour peeking through the grass that you barely pay any mind to, may very well hold within them the potency and dynamism that can bring you into a harmonious state of balance. Here, I introduce to you the power

The wisdom of a tree

Advice from a Tree – Ilan Shamir “Dear Friend,Stand Tall and ProudSink your roots deeply into the EarthReflect the light of a greater sourceThink long termGo out on a limbRemember your place among all living beingsEmbrace with joy the changing seasonsFor each yields its own abundanceThe Energy and Birth of SpringThe Growth and Contentment of

How to deal with your mind when it does things you don’t want it to?

By now you’ve probably heard plenty about the subconscious mind. You might even know that your subconscious mind is driving 95% of what you think and do. You’ve probably seen this image a bunch of times: But now what? How can you use this information to actually create positive change in your thinking and deal


Morning Routine & Living With Intention – Part TWO

What is next in your morning routine? After you’ve gotten out of bed. What do you do? (for some enlivening ideas on what to do while you are still in bed read Part 1). Do you make yourself a cup of coffee? Do you drink a glass of water? Do you sit down to slowly

Morning Routine Part ONE

What is your morning routine? The first things you do upon waking are crucially important to set up your day. When you first open your eyes your brain is still in that groggy state between wakefulness and sleep. This is the perfect time for you to impress a higher vibration into your subconscious. Whatever thoughts


4 Ways to Stay Healthy during Social-Distancing

So you are physically distancing at home- as you should be! It can be easy to get into unhealthy stagnant habits staying home all day.