Flower power

Flower power

When you look around yourself as you go on a daily stroll, the little pops of colour peeking through the grass that you barely pay any mind to, may very well hold within them the potency and dynamism that can bring you into a harmonious state of balance.

Here, I introduce to you the power of flowers. Not only the glorious stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks to pause for a wiff of their bouquet flowers- like rose and lily; but also the ones that inconspicuously appear amongst the swaths of green grass along the sidewalk that almost seem to disappear unless you are paying very close attention.

You have likely seen that little yellow bottle at your local health food store or pharmacy sitting right next to the cashier register called rescue remedy. You might have even given it a try and noticed – hey- this stuff actually works. Rescue remedy is a natural remedy for anxiety; it can be given to pets and children and every age or stage of life – to calm and sooth nerves- and yes, it does work. So you might be wondering what is that stuff? Well read on and allow me to enlighten you.

That little yellow bottle is a combination of Bach Flower Essences. Bach was inspired by the work of Samuel Hahnemann who was the founder of Homeopathy- a subject I studied in great depth at one point in my life. The two forms of healing- homeopathy and flower essences are based on the teaching of vitalism. Vitalism is based on the is interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. Both Homeopathic remedies and Bach flower remedies are what is known as vibrational medicine or vibrational remedies.

The difference between Homeopathic Remedies and Flower Essences is that Homeopathic Remedies work on the Body and Mind and Flower Essences work on the Soul.

This is Bach’s Philosophy known as the 5 Principles.

 (The Book is a free download on the Bach Center’s website)  

1. Our Soul guides and protects our body (our temple). It is both within and around us. 

2. Our life purpose is to use our experiences for growth. We are given this life and the situations we need for our own highest good.  

3. This life is just a moment in time… a moment in the life of the soul which is immortal. 

4. The root cause of disease is the disharmony between our Soul Purpose and our Personality. 

5. We are all connected to One Great Source. The actions we do to effect not only ourselves but  All Beings. 

Sounds a lot like yoga philosophy if you ask me!

Alright so back to the power of flowers- how do they work and what can they help you with…

“Flower Essences are vibrational remedies that are used to heal disconnections, blocks and distortions to our Soul to our Selves and to Nature.”

-Taken from the Plants Drop Wisdom by Brooke Sullivan Flower Essence Manual

“Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, color therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities.”

Take from the FES website.

Flower essences work on the imbalances we experience from within that are expressed in our imbalances with life. Those imbalances often show up in our emotions, in our personal blocks, in our personality, our fears, our shadows, our doubts and anxieties. They are subtle and work beyond the scope of one’s awareness much in the way that Hypnotherapy works. Once you have been given the right remedy or combination of essences, you can take a few drops once or twice a day. Then, one day you suddenly realize you are feeing different but you almost forgot how you were feeling before, as this new way just feels completely natural and as though that is how you’ve always felt.

How are they made? Well this is always for some people the clincher of how something so subtle can actually work. And this is where understanding energy will separate those who get it from those who don’t.

The flowers are picked with gratitude and reverence. Some practitioners may even meditate and connect with the flowers first. Don’t kid yourself that makes a difference- would you rather consume something that was made with love or something that was made with fear? Upon being carefully picked (without touching them with the hands) they are placed in a glass bowl of water and left in the sun. The prana of the sun imprints the pattern of the plant into the water’s matrix,  transferring its “essence”. This water is later strained and combined with Brandy to preserve the essence and then smaller bottles are made from the mother essence. The two successive bottles becoming more potent than the mother itself.

The selection of flowers to use is done by looking deeply into ones life and asking questions about all things that make a person feel the way they do. A Flower Essence Practitioner is a guide to help elicit the root issues that are being expressed in a person life and then they select the right essences for you based on their studies and experience. However, a lot of people also research the essences on their own and can go pick them up at their local natural health store. Things to keep in mind: the bottles you purchase at your local natural health store are known as stock bottles- so you would want to make a dosage bottle by diluting the stock bottle. Take 2 drops of the Stock Bottle remedy and add to 75% Water, 25% Brandy in a dropper bottle.

Flower Essence can be used for:

-Emergencies: Rescue Remedy  




-Spiritual Emergence/Emergencies//Human Evolution  

-Life Purpose  

-With other Therapies: ex: Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Psychotherapy

So next time you are looking to create an inner balance and harmony and receive insights, flower essences might just be the perfect accompaniment for you.

Feel free to contact me for a Flower Essence Consultation, RWC Members receive 15% off the consultation fee.

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