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Communicate to your subconscious mind through these digital downloads.

Hypnotic Meditations

What are hypnotic meditations?

You will be guided to build and concentrate the frequency of the emotional state through visualization.  Each track has carefully chosen music to enhance the experience of the emotional state  and to enhance a state of receptivity. 

Abundance Frequency

Love Frequency

Health Frequency

Gratitude Frequency


Hypnotherapy is entering a trance state. Trance is a state where the conscious mind takes a backseat so that positive, healthy and supportive suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind.

These hypnotherapy tracks are set to theta binaural music to deepen the trance state. They are most effective when sitting upright leaning against a cushion rather than laying flat on your back. Do not listen to these tracks while driving or needing to attend to anything.

Heal Heartbreak

coming soon

Yoga Nidra - Sacred Rest

Yoga Nidra is conscious relaxation with subconscious receptivity, and attuning to a higher resource within. These tracks are meant to be listened to when you are lying flat on your back.

The music is either embedded with Theta or Delta binaural music depending on the intention of the track. Delta elicits the healing state and Theta awakens the subconscious mind.

A New Perspective

Balance your Chakras

Heart Resonance

Heal Your Body

All tracks by: rachelle tersigni

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Custom Frequency, Hypnotherapy or Yoga Nidra Tracks available for any topic of your choice for 75 Euros. 

This track and all the hypnotic meditations are inspired by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, kundalini yoga, hypnotherapy and quantum psychics. All spiritual teachings teach that there is a field of awareness unseen, unknown and undetectable by the average person. Our limited senses cut us off from knowing this expanded awareness unless we practice tuning into to iit and awakening it. 

 Allow this gratitude track to awaken a heartfelt gratitude frequency inside and all around you. 

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