Holistic Coaching

Module 2 – Healthy Discipline

This Module is all about looking at the habits you have that keep you from feeling that you are living from your most Radiant self.

Have you ever noticed that even if you are aware that something you are doing is not the best thing for you, you continue to do it anyway?

This means that knowing something is not healthy for you, doesn’t provide enough motivation to change it.

This Module has been designed to help you in strengthening your Healthy Discipline using yogic technologies, and utilizing techniques based on the psychology of habit formation to overcome habits that prevent you from living in your most Radiant body & mind.

To create your own inner Radiance requires you to instil an internal source of healthy discipline that you can use in all areas of your life.


-Jim Rohn

This Module is for you if:


  • Asset 1 You do not know your highest, healthiest, most radiant self
  • Asset 1 You continue to do things you know aren't good for you but you can’t stop
  • Asset 1 You have shiny new object syndrome (you become easily distracted by the next new bright and enticing thing)
  • Asset 1 You find it difficult to finish what you start
  • Asset 1 You want to start to feel your radiant power but you don’t know how
  • Asset 1 Your willpower and follow through is low


What’s included in this Module:

  • Asset 1 5 Audio tracks that walk you through a step by step process to uncover habits that keep you from living and experiencing your most Radiant Self.
  • Asset 1 1 Workbook that outlines the process to developing your Healthy Discipline
  • Asset 1 1 Kundalini Yoga Video designed to help you overcome addictions and unhealthy habits and to strengthen and deal with your mind.