Holistic Coaching

Module 3 – Integrating Shadows

This is the hidden treasure to a deep and profound transformation of your internal and external world.

No matter what kind of work you do on yourself, if you do not look at your shadows (the personality traits that you deny, suppress or are ashamed of) your personal evolution will be hindered.

Without integrating your hidden, shameful, darker aspects- you will find that inevitability your relationship issues will continue to arise and you  will continue to repeat familiar and unhelpful patterns, where you feel stuck. You will continue to attract the same types of people into your life until you heal the parts of yourself you haven’t been willing to look at or love. When we do not Integrate our Shadow we remain fragmented- as we continue to subconsciously hide things about ourselves to the world.

Once you learn to see, understand and love all of your supposed ugly, weak & shameful parts, you will begin to love yourself in a way you haven’t fully done before. It is through bringing the dark into the light that you will be able to Shine your Radiance into the world. You will gain an enormous capacity to understand and hold compassion for others who would normally repel or annoy you. You will also find that by integrating your shadows you will not continue to subconsciously attract the people who reflect your shadows- once you have healed those parts inside of yourself.

This Module is for you if:

  • Asset 1 If you want to feel whole and authentic and love all of who you are.
  • Asset 1 If you want to understand yourself in a way you have never been able to before.
  • Asset 1 If you want to bring awareness and compassion to your relationships.
  • Asset 1 If you are ready to attract people into your life that move you beyond repeating the same old frustrating patterns.
  • Asset 1 If you want to accept your flaws.
  • Asset 1 If you want to be less triggered by others.
  • Asset 1 If you want to overcome your perfectionism.
  • Asset 1 If you are ready to bring a deeper level of maturity and depth to your relationships.
  • Asset 1 If you are having troubles in your current relationships.


What’s included in this Module:

  • Asset 1 An audio introduction to shadow work
  • Asset 1 1 Workbook that outlines the process of Integrating your shadows
  • Asset 1 1 Hypnosis track to guide you to understand your denied or suppressed shadows
  • Asset 1 1 Hypnosis Track to guide you to love and accept parts of yourself that you do not like (they will shift and soften once you moving into acceptance)