Holistic Coaching

Module 4 – True Confidence

The word confidence gets used widely, but what does it really mean, and how does it really look or feel?

Confidence shows up differently in different people, but the essential common denominator is that when you are confident there is a resilience to the effects of the outside world on your ability to like yourself and feel good with who you are, where you are and what you are doing.

When you are confident, you trust yourself, and your own individual path. You do not need to compare yourself to the path of others.

The practice in this Module will help you work toward shortening the period where you get thrown off your Confidence by outside circumstances or people. You will learn how to bounce back to your sense of worth, sense of self and connection to your infinite fullness more quickly.

This is done using Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to free up and subconscious & energy blocks in connection to low self-confidence. Plus a few other exercises to help you to bring True Confidence into your life. This is not about faking that you are confident, this is about releasing the blocks that prevent you from experiencing your innate confidence that you were born with. Confidence is something that we unlearned when we started to concern ourselves with what others were thinking about us. It is normal to want to be liked and accepted and chosen, but when your need to be liked accepted and chosen surpasses your own inner ability to like, accept and choose yourself, you become dependent on others to give you a sense of worth.

Having True Confidence comes from a place of true self-worth. When you have a sense of self-worth and when you love yourself; others will respect you and effortlessly have warmth for you too. And the ones that don’t, you don’t become broken by.

Do not rely on others liking you, to love yourself – no matter what.

This Module is for you if

  • Asset 1 You have an anxious attachment style
  • Asset 1 You worry about other people liking you
  • Asset 1 You are looking for love and you become anxious and or disproportionately upset when someone doesn’t choose you
  • Asset 1 You feel you need to “fake” being confident
  • Asset 1 You question if you are worthy of love, attention and care
  • Asset 1 You are reliant on other’s liking you to like yourself
  • Asset 1 You feel broken when you thinking someone doesn’t like you
  • Asset 1 You do not see your own good qualities
  • Asset 1 You experience a lot of unrequited relationships


What’s included in this Module:

  • Asset 1 1 Hypnosis track to instill a deep sense of resilience and confidence into your subconscious
  • Asset 1 1 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) video to remove any low confidence energetic blocks
  • Asset 1 Additional exercises to help you to see the good in yourself