Module 5 – The Courageous Unknown

The root of anxiety is often Future Focused Fear . We can call this F-F-F or Triple F syndrome.

What would it feel like if you were unafraid of the unknown future? If in fact, you welcomed uncertainty with a feeling of excitement? If your happiness wasn’t dependent on the future you desire being realized? If instead of projecting your fear, you projected your enthusiasm? Do you think what might come your way would be of a higher caliber? Surely your present experience would be elevated.

This module helps to ground you in the present moment, and helps you to clear away the fear and crystalize a vision for your future that is rooted in trust and not in fear.  Fear of the future is the antithesis of radiance. Being radiant is in the here and now, it isn’t something that comes after something you want happens. After you get that job, after you earn a certain amount of money,  after you have the home you want, the partner you want, the child you want, the body you want, the hair, the skin, the friends, the clothes…being radiant is available now with the way you are now- with what you have now…darlings…the hair, the skin, the body, the clothes, the childlessness, the singleness, the troubled relationship, the not enough money, the not good enough home, the not good enough job.

You can only work on your radiance in the present moment. I guarantee, that if you work on your Radiance NOW, the things you think you need and want to give you the feeling you want- will either fall away or you will have less neediness and less reliance on those external factors making you happy.  Once you finally stop needing something to make you feel joy, gratitude, at peace and settled within yourself- you will be surprised at what will come to you effortlessly without the struggle.

This Module will help you to move into the unknown with enthusiastic and radiant courage. 

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