Holistic Coaching

Module 6 – Purposeful Purpose

Living on purpose is the basis of a soulful and meaningful life, but this term is often associated with a lot of expectations and weight.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way! This module helps you demystify the meaning of “finding your purpose” and show you that it is something you can achieve in the present moment and not sometime far away in the future .

What would it feel like to live a meaningful and fulfilling life from today? To wake up in the morning and being motivated by what’s coming ahead? And express your true authentic self with the world in a way that feels like a natural extension of you?

This module takes you on a journey in yourself to connect with the force that pulses in your soul, that makes you unique and represents the gift you’re here to share in the world simply by being you. We explore your deepest values, your story and how it has created the belief system you have today. We look at what lights you up and makes you feel passionate because passion is the fuel to make your purpose sustainable. Finally we look into how to translate all of these things into your practical life.

This module helps you step up into the next phase of your life with confidence and self-trust.

This Module is for you if:

  • Asset 1 You feel directionless and confused about what you're supposed to do with your life
  • Asset 1 You know that you are meant to do something meaningful, you see your potential and you're frustrated it's not used in the best way
  • Asset 1 You are waiting for someone else to finally reveal your purpose with you
  • Asset 1 You have the impression that anyone else around you have it all figured out
  • Asset 1 You have a big heart and want to have an impact on your family, community and beyond
  • Asset 1 You feel something is missing in your career or personal life that makes you unfullfilled and not as happy as you could be


What’s included in this Module:

  • Asset 1 5 short videos by Alessia Gandolfo that guide you through a 5 step process to uncover your purpose
  • Asset 1 5 worksheets and an e-book to help guide you through this process