Holistic Coaching

Module 7 – Mind-Body Healing

The mind and the body are constantly communicating with each other. Every thought you think leads to an emotion, AND your emotions can actually lead you to have unwanted, self-sabotaging thoughts.

When you worry about the future or dwell upon the past you change your neuro-hormonal balance. This leads to a stream of physiological changes that can lead to both acute and chronic pain, discomfort and dis-ease.

If you have been dealing with a health issue- however slight or serious; from headaches to back pain to digestive issues to a weakened immune system- dive into this Module so you can learn to do two very important things when it comes to healing the Mind-Body connection.

  1. Learn to give your feelings the attention they deserve and need, so that they do not get stuck and blocked in your body or energetic field – which will often cause body issues.
  2. Learn to raise your vibration for optimal health.

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What’s included in this Module: