Module 1

Pranic Boost

The practices in the Module are designed to boost your Prana in 30 minutes. By doing these practices you will have better endurance, energy flow, motivation and inspiration. 

Module 2

Healthy Discipline

This Module is all about, looking at the habits you have that keep you from feeling that you are living from your most Radiant self.

Module 3

Integrating Shadows

This is the hidden treasure to a deep and profound transformation of your internal and external world.

Module 4

True Confidence

The word confidence get used widely but what does it really mean, and how does it really look or feel?

When you are confident, you trust yourself, and your own individual path. You do not need to compare yourself to the path of others.

Module 5

The Courageous Unknown

This Module will help you to move into the unknown with enthusiastic and radiant courage. 

Module 6

Purposeful Purpose

This module helps you step up into the next phase of your life with confidence and self-trust.

Module 7

Mind-Body Healing

The Mind and the Body are constantly communicating with each other. Every thought you think leads to an emotion, AND your emotions can actually lead you to have unwanted, self-sabotaging thoughts.

Module 8

Rest, Restore & Renew

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation- except you get to lay down on your back. You get to cover your eyes, and get cozy and warm and explore your internal world. You will finish the practice feeling restored, refreshed and renewed.