Morning Routine Part ONE


Morning Routine Part ONE

What is your morning routine?

The first things you do upon waking are crucially important to set up your day. When you first open your eyes your brain is still in that groggy state between wakefulness and sleep. This is the perfect time for you to impress a higher vibration into your subconscious. Whatever thoughts you are thinking at this time and emotions you are feeling at this time set up the stage for your day.

If you lay in bed for 10 minutes after opening your eyes- use this time to feed your subconscious with beautiful, uplifting and inspiring feelings, images and thoughts. When you wake up and in that hazy, sleepy, not quite awake state, your brain is still emitting theta brainwaves.

What are Theta Brainwaves?

Theta brain waves are the brain waves of the subconscious. While theta brainwaves are present, you are in a highly receptive state and your subconscious is highly impressionable, likewise right before you fall asleep. The theta state is also the realm of your memories, learning, intuition, and creativity.

If you normally wake up and shoot out of bed immediately you are missing out on valuable and precious time to feed yourself with the beauty and high intentions that can set up your day on the right foot. Experiment with laying in bed for 10-15 minutes upon opening your eyes and listening to an uplifting song with lyrics in your native language or a language you are fluent in to impress your mind with high vibrations. I have posted a list of songs below. Music allows you to stay receptive, not entering into thinking and rationalizing mode- you are simply letting your mind be open and to receive the beauty of the music and the lyrics.

music, audio book or a podcast?

If you were to listen to an inspiring audio book, or a podcast you will certainly absorb some of those concepts into your subconscious. However, your brain will begin to go into thinking, comprehension and analytical mode slowly pulling you out of those precious theta brainwaves.

Use a Sankalpa

If music isn’t your thing, or you can’t find music you like- this is the perfect time to repeat your Sankalpa to yourself. You can learn how to craft your Sankalpa in the Rest, Restore & Renew module. Your Sanklapa is personally crafted to help you to create strength in the structure of your mind. You can even say that the Sankalpa is a force of will used to influence and transform your whole life pattern.


You could also listen to a hypnosis track in the background and your mind will be especially receptive to the positive suggestions. Some hypnosis tracks that would be beneficial during this time could be The True Confidence Hypnosis or the Raise Your Vibration Meditation in the Mind-Body Healing Module which has Solfeggio Frequencies which will enhance the receptivity of the subconscious mind. Stay tuned for a new Hypnosis Track (Hypnosis for fear of uncertainty) for free by me on Insight Timer in the next week. 

The Effect

When you begin your day with a nourishing, higher vibration you start off your day with a positive intention before you’ve even gotten out of bed. That doesn’t guarantee everything is going to be blissful all day long, of course you never know what the day has to bring- sometimes we get thrown off by an unexpected happening. It does mean that at the backdrop is this mantra that will be playing in your mind. You may even find yourself hearing the song, your Sankalpa, or some of the supportive words in the hypnosis track as a part of your own thinking. Suddenly you realize you are playing these words in the back of your mind throughout the day- and it becomes something supportive and strengthening for you. Giving you hope, trust, security, ease and a little internal smile. It creates a re-wiring and re-conditioning of your brain as you begin to bring in new seeds of a healthy, loving, supportive vibration.

Here are a few songs you can play when you first wake up to start your day off right:

Photo by: Marianne Krohn

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