Personal Growth Modules

Root Chakra Modules

Your root chakra is connected to your inner security & stability, your physical health, your sense of groundedness, your calm clarity of mind, your organizational abilities and your relationship to money.

Root Chakra

Rachelle Tersigni introduces Radiant Wellness Club and explains why we use the chakras in our inner work. She introduces the root chakra and guides a practice simple ayurvedic self -massage technique to balance the root chakra.

Mind-Body Healing

Rachelle covers how we influence our physical health with our thoughts and emotions. There are two audio practices guiding how to use your mind to influence your mental and emotional state, thereby influencing your bodies health.

Be Well Mama

For new mama's
By Danielle Facey- Coming soon.


Kundalini Meditation video by Jiwan Shakti for prosperity and a hypnotic meditation on abundance by Rachelle

Sacral Chakra Modules

Your sacral chakra is connected to your sensuality, and sexuality, your creative flow and your emotions.

Awaken your Feminine Shakti

Yoga Teacher and Natural Life Art Coach Maija Klamer introduces the sacral chakra and how this is connected to a women’s sensuality. She guides two movement classes to help you to wake up your feminine shakti.

Intuitive Creativity

Artist and Akashic records reader Artist Alyson Lim speaking about how to use your intuition in the creative process.

Navel Chakra Modules

Your navel chakra is connected to your inner power, your sense of self and confidence, your worth, your digestion, your ability to follow through and your true purpose.

Purposeful Purpose

Career Coach Alessia Gandolfo demystifies what purpose looks like in your life and walks you through a step by step coaching approach to help you uncover your inner purpose.

The Power of Your Digestion

Ayurvedic Health Coach Sandra Wohlers introduces the Ayurvedic approach to healthy digestion and gives you guidance to achieving health digestion for your dosha. *This Module includes a Dosha Quiz.

Healthy Discipline

Rachelle Tersigni walks you through this step-by step approach to uncovering what habits you have that keep your from living in your radiance. This modules includes a Kundalini yoga practice that will help you strengthen your mental control to overcome the tendency toward self-sabotage.


Wellness Coach and Mentor Coco Finaldi walks you through techniques to unearth your sense of sovereignty. Coming Soon.

True Confidence

Rachelle guides you to question what confidence is for you. What does it look like and feel like? And how can you access it? What is the difference between false confidence and true confidence? She offers some techniques to help you get clear and align yourself with true confidence.

Heart Chakra Modules

Your Heart Chakra is a great source of intelligence and magnetism when it is open and shining. When it is closed with walls we create love blocks and relationship blocks and it is difficult to allow our vulnerability to come forward from which we can build deep and meaningful relationships.

Heart Coherence Breathwork

Breathwork coach Ellen Wong invites you on an inner journey toward creating heart coherence- this is a powerful hour-long beathwork practice.

The Self-Love Quest

Holistic Wellbeing Coach Chanti introduces her program the self-love quest. Are you ready to love yourself? Coming Soon.

Integrating Shadows

Rachelle Tersigni explains shadow work and how our shadows impact our relationships both with ourselves and others. It is impossible to truly love yourself without embracing our shadows. This module includes two hypnotherapy tracks.

The Throat Chakra Modules

The throat chakra governs your authentic expression, your balance between listening and speaking, your voice, and your ability to speak clearly.

Balance Your Throat

Acupuncture therapist and Yoga teacher Malvina Lorida walks you through this extensive module covering everything you ever wanted to know about to balance your throat chakra. This module includes an acupressure video.

Your Voice- The gateway of creation

Vocal Transformation Coach, Spirit lifter, Soul emancipator + Fear crusher Maryn Azoff guides you to create through the power of your voice.

The Third Eye Chakra Modules

The third eye chakra is the gateway to your higher self, your intuition, your dreams and you vision. When you third eye is attuned your mind thinks more clearly and you have the ability to listen to yourself and trust yourself.

Inner Beauty & Radiance

Wellness Coach and Mentor Coco Finaldi walks you through an inquiry into beauty. Your ability to see clearly and to see beauty within and without will help to refine your vision.

The Gift of Intution

Rachelle Tersigni shares her journey toward finding her and more notably trusting her intuition. She teaches the techniques she uses to enhance and refine your intuition.

The Crown Chakra Modules

The crown chakra connects you to the divine realm- the universal consciousness that gives your strength. When you have a relationship to your crown charka you feel protected and aligned and can access your inner wisdom.

Rest, Restore & Renew

Rachelle Tersigni guides you to find deep restorative rest and helps you to find your own personal Sankalpa- a tool to direct your intention and align with your soul. The hypnagogic state is a state where we can access expanded levels of consciousness.