Radiant Wellness Club Membership

What's included in the monthly membership?

  • Complete access to all RWC yoga classes divided into 5 categories: Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and Spirit.
  • Full access to all 8 Radiance Modules to guide you to awaken consistent discipline, inner & outer beauty, self-love and self-acceptance, sovereignty, true confidence, self-awareness, mind-body harmony, purpose, and divine restfulness.
  • A live virtual group new moon monthly guided healing session by holistic healers & wellbeing practitioners > Guided breath work, energy healing, hypnotherapy, flower essence journeys, subconscious mind hacks, guided beauty routine sessions, guided acupressure sessions, guided journaling, intention setting amongst a wise woman collective from around the world.

*This is a limited time only price. If you become a member at this price, you will be locked at this monthly fee no matter any future price increases as long as you maintain your membership.*