Is your yoga working for you?

Yoga is a diverse technology with so much healing and wellbeing potential.

Radiant Wellness Club’s pre-recorded yoga classes allow you to practice from home on your schedule with a variety of class times.

Taught by teachers from around the world in various locations. Many of the classes have optional playlists created by the teacher that you can play from Spotify.

Free classes

Stabilize your mind and clear you subconscious through these two Kundalini Kriyas.(You can do one or both).

The second practice is a meditation.

Your aura protects you from negative influences. If your aura is strong, it enhances your presence and gives you an uplifting presence. It gives your strength and confidence and enhances your ability to attract uplifting opportunities.

Move and nourish your energetic field with Rachelle. This class is set to music from mixkit.co. Enjoy!